Queerstory Production Team

Michael Alstad
YZO director, project concept, project lead, research, story development/script writer, art direction, video, photography, web design/app GUI

Janet Hethrington
Idea Shoppe, project manager, research, story development/script writer, graphic design/app GUI

Camille Turner
Story development/script writer/research, voice over

Lost Time Media: Robinder Uppal + Marc Serpa Francoeur
Videography, photography and post-production

Lost World Sounds: Michelle Breslin
Original scores

Ira Fich
App developer

David Gour, Dahee Song, Lauren Orav, Glen Farrelly, Lacey Wilson, Rachel Frayne, Peter Stankiewicz, Lacey Wilson

Special thanks to:
Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives (CLGA) – Scott Kettles, Alan Miller, Dennis Findlay, Kate Zieman, Harry Sutherland, Gordon Keith, Jack Lemmon, Charles Dobie, Jearld Moldenhauer, Gerald Hannon, Ken Popert, Rick Bebout, Lynne Fernie, David Adkin, Anton Wagner, David Secter, Elaine Banks, James Lahey, Almerinda Travassos, Margaret Moores, Susan Sturman, Michael Pihach, Junior Harrison, David Fernandez, Duncan McLaren, Michelle Moss, John Greyson, Gillian Rodgerson,  Coach House Press – Evan Munday, Art Gallery of York University – Philip Monk, Margaret Munro, Susan Cole, Toronto City Archives – Michelle Dale, Brahm Rosensweig, Clare Nobbs

Queerstory POI credits

AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)

Allan Gardens
Keith Cole, Peter Stankiewicz, City of Toronto Archives

The Barracks:1981
CLGA, Norman Hatton, excerpt from ‘Track Two’ – Harry Sutherland, Gordon Keith & Jack Lemmon, Duncan McLaren, City of Toronto Archives

The Barracks: 1978
Andy Fabo, Rae Johnson, Duncan McLaren, Debbie O’Rourke

The Body Politic: 1981
Gerald Hannon, excerpt from ‘Track Two’ – Harry Sutherland, Gordon Keith & Jack Lemmon

The Body Politic: 1978
Charles Dobie, Gerald Hannon, excerpt from ‘Fiction and Other Truths: A Film About Janet Rule’ – Lynne Fernie, protest footage is provided courtesy of City, a division of Rogers Broadcasting

Blackness Yes/Blockorama
Nik Redman, Junior Harrison

The Brunswick House
CLGA, Creative Commons: The Brunswick House

Buddies in Bad Times
David Hawe, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License: Tom Palumbo, CLGA, Buddies in Bad Times archives

Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives CLGA
David Fernández, Rhiannon Myers, and Matthew Black – video
Special thanks to CLGA

Chez Moi
Caitlin Fisher – writer/director.
Special thanks to Denise Benson whose ongoing series Then & Now has explored the stories of more than 30 Toronto clubs, including Chez Moi
Archival photos of Chez Moi all courtesy of Dallas Noftall.
Chez Moi poster photography: Greg Stack, Nova Models, NFLD.
Original music and soundscape: Tony Viera
Research assistance: Lauren Orav

Church Street Mural Project
William Craddock

Church of the Holy Trinity
Church of the Holy Trinity on Trinity Square, Toronto, ca. 1870–5, wikimedia

City Park Coop Archives, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License:David Sprott, Stew Dean, Jason Paris, DeaShoot, Toronto Public Library: Public Domain Photograph – James Victor Salmon

Club Baths/Pussy Palace
CLGA, Jearld Moldenhauer, AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), Invitation photography – Chloë Brushwood Rose

Club Manatee
CLGA, Michael ‘Fancy’ Thibert, excerpt from ‘Outrageous’ – Richard Benner

Community Homophile Association of Toronto (CHAT)
Jearld Moldenhauer – photography

The Continental Hotel
CLGA, City of Toronto Archives, Lynne Fernie & Aerlyn Weissman – excerpt from “Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives” – The National Film Board of Canada, Elise Chenier, voice over – Camille Turner

The Corners
David Adkin – excerpt from ‘Jim Love Jack: The James Egan Story’, Archives of Ontario

52 Division
Charles Dobie, Except from ‘Track Two’ – Harry Sutherland, Gordon Keith & Jack Lemmon

The 519 Community Centre
CLGA, The 519, Charles Dobie, Creative Commons – Jason Paris
MealTrans: Pink Triangle Press, Creative Commons Matt Klopot
The AIDS Vigil & Memorial: Aids Committee of Toronto (ACT),  James Leahy, Vive La Diférence, 1988 Pride, Richard Rhymes, Creative Commons: Jörn Wolters, Amsterdam

El Mocambo
Rob Beintema, Ken Regan, Plismo, Glenn Lowson, Michael Comeau, Will Munro, Daryl Vocat

The Garret Theatre
CLGA, Anton Wagner, Don Beelik

Grange Park
Kyle Rae – photographs, Susan G. Cole – music, Margaret Moores & Almerinda Travassos – video: 1981 Lesbian and Gay Pride Day Picnic

The Incubator – 4 Kensington
Jearld Moldenhaur,Charles Dobie – photography

King Edward Hotel
City of Toronto Archives, Ontario Archives, Lynne Fernie & Aerlyn Weissman – excerpt from “Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives” – The National Film Board of Canada, voice over – Michelle Moss

The Letros
City of Toronto Archives, music credit: Kevin Macleod – incompotech.com

Lesbian Organization Of Toronto (LOOT)
Susan Sturman, Amy Gottlieb, Jenny Ellison, Womyns poster, http://jennyellison.com/
CLGA, Harry Sutherland, music by Mama Quilla II,  voice over – Michelle Moss

The Power of the Pussy
Creative commons: Neal Jennings, David J. Fiander, JP Hornick’s Archives, Pink Triangle Press

St. Charles Tavern
CLGA, City of Toronto Archives, Michael Pihach – video, Toronto Public Library Archives, Gerald Hannon – photography

The Sapphire
City of Toronto Archives, Elaine Banks, Russ Strathdee

Supporting Our Youth (SOY)The Steps
Kyle Rae, Jearld Moldenhauer, Creative Commons: GH Stoddart, voice-over Michelle Moss

Suhail Abualsameed, Alix Bamford, videography – Brahm Rosensweig, voice over – Camille Turner

Toronto City Hall: 1994–1998
Charles Dobie – photograpy, Creative Commons: Casey House – permission David Allan Barker, nouspique.com, Kevin D Clarke – AIDS WALK 1 2 3

Toronto City Hall: 1978 – 1980
Excerpt from ‘Track Two’ – Harry Sutherland, Gordon Keith & Jack Lemmon

Toronto General Hospital
David Adkin – video AAN demo

Triangle Program
Creative Commons: Elon University, David Harrison

University College Quad
excerpt from ‘Winter Kept Us Warm’ – David Secter

University of Toronto Homophile Association (UTHA)
Jearld Moldenhauer – photography, Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives

UTS Freedom of the Press Rally
Footage is provided courtesy of City, a division of Rogers Broadcasting Limited, 2013
Pink Triangle Press

We’re Funny That Way
Maggie Cassella, David Adkin














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